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Client Retail Fashion

" I had the opportunity to oversee Devi's results and accomplishments to our organization for more than one year, I found her to be very detailed oriented, dedicated, capable to tackle assignments and able to keep a beneficial rapport with key stakeholders in our business. Devi is a take-charge person who is capable
to present new ideas, communicate the benefits, execute with speed and deliver great results. During her association with Mexx, she had succeeded in providing leadership in all aspects of project management for the StoreForce system and several other IT initiatives including problem solving, critical path management, reporting, controlling costs, compliance and managing processes. I highly recommend Devi for employment. She is a team player and would definitely prove to be an asset to any organization. I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Devi again on another StoreForce project" .

Client: Retail Electronics/ Infrastructure

"I have worked with Devi in two roles. The first time she was a direct report. The last time a contractor. The reason for hiring her again was logically the good experience that I had with her in her first role. Devi is very driven and committed (this are not aggagerations but true!) and gets things done, also in tough environments."

Client: Retail Electronics/ Treasury

"Devi is a very conscientious person, with a formidable drive. She is very clientoriented and combined her ambition whith a very charming and a broad interest. Next to this is she very resultoriented and a good developed feeling for responsibility. Her performance in projectwork is extraordinary. Her approach of reporting is in relation tot the targets very professional. And.. it is a pleausure to work with her."

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